I created this site because I was tired of digging through several websites to find the information I wanted. As it is, you’ll need at least 2 or 3 websites to gather all this info up and it can be a huge pain to find. I figure since I’m already gathering this information up constantly anyway that I would just share it directly in a format I found pleasing and better organized.

Click on the Solicitations link at the top to see all the months available or hover over the menu to choose one directly. I will be editing and uploading these as they are released so always keep an eye peeled. The site is designed specifically for this stuff to keep it in a nice tidy order and not cluttered up like most other sites that offer solicits.

Additionally, I’m currently adding lists of ALL upcoming hardcover and omnibuses for each publisher. I’ll keep these updated as I find out new release dates (some of them still show the pre covid release dates as I don’t have updates yet). If you notice something wrong, reach out to me (leave a comment, use Discord, the Omnibus Collector Group, etc).