Database Updates

Yup. There’s some new stuff, some stuff with new info (ISBN or Diamond Codes added and some Collected issues), and as I have to deal with at least weekly, a bunch of things have shifted release dates all over the place. I do this fairly regularly but I figured every once in a while it would be good to mention it.

Also worth noting if you weren’t aware, I’ve started adding all the HCs even from companies I know very little about weekly. InStockTrades is now giving me a copy of the list of stuff on sale for the next week every Thursday/Friday and I go move things, add things, and double check things. So what you see on the “This Week” and “Next Week” pages should generally be up to date (next week page will generally be updated on Fridays).

I’m also going to add a contact page soon so you can send me an email if you find something is off, missing, or just have general suggestions so keep an eye peeled.