Marvel Predator Titles All Delayed

You’ve probably seen this by now but just in case I’ll throw it out here. All the Predator titles have been delayed by Marvel. According to Newsarama:

The publisher has canceled orders for all its planned Predator products – the Predator ongoing series (announced just 15 days ago), the Predator Omnibus collection, and 20 planned ‘Marvel vs. Predator’ variant covers which would’ve run across the Marvel comic book line this summer.

Marvel has told retailers they plan to reschedule all of these Predator products for release in November sometime – but isn’t actually rescheduling them just yet.

Chris @ Newsarama

I’ve updated the database with “TBA” for any Predator titles that are in there. As soon as they are resolicited (or Previews updates…or Omar gives us a date), I will update it ASAP!