New Patreon

So after several suggestions, I went ahead and setup a Patreon for the site! Few things to get out here:

I have no intention currently to paywall anything on the site. If I think of some kind of EXTRA feature to add to give as a perk, I might consider that but I’ve never really been about that. Prefer to keep it all open.

As such, you are by no means required to subscribe to my Patreon, but it is appreciated and is going to be one of the main ways the site makes money because I abhor ads. They generally make for a fairly obtrusive and bad user experience. So other than a little text thing here or there and some affiliate links, that is pretty much it. Not really looking to get rich here, if I can pay for the server and get a little tip for me and the few people that help me (like our wonderful Molly that does the restock alerts), I’m happy.

If you ever want to ask me about anything with the site, suggest things for the site, for the Patreon, looking for general help, by all means reach out to me through the MANY methods of contacting me:

I always try to follow up with people when I have time and I appreciate all of you that use the site. I’m glad I can provide something that people value!