Complete Database Overhaul

I’ve been working at this a few weeks off and on and have finally completed the overhaul of all the collected editions pages. It’s all custom code now, a lot easier to maintain, and there are a few nice little surprises.

The Changes

  • There is now an EXPAND button that will pop up a nice box to show you all the details of each book. This previously expanded into an extra row but the popup works a LOT better on phones and desktop (and just looks nicer frankly).
  • I’ve added filters at the top of the page. I might tinker with the actual looks of them but you can select MULTIPLE filters for each of the available column filters using the shift and ctrl keys. On phones, you will get checkboxes.
  • I’ve added and have been slowly filling in the “Format” of each book so you can see at a glance if you’re looking at an OHC, Standard HC (SHC), Omnibus, Absolute, Library, etc.
  • I’ve hidden a few columns that took up a ridiculous amount of space (like collects) and I put the purchase links right there in the main row without needing to click anything else. If you buy stuff from Amazon/OPB/Walt’s, I get money so feel free. I have always abhorred ads so I prefer that (I’ve always provided links to these places out of convenience anyway).
  • I’ve completely reworked the view on phones. You will now see just a couple columns in portrait view along with the expand button and if you turn your phone sideways, you’ll see even more columns (for easier sorting). This ensures that the site is actually usable on a phone without 3 letters per line being shown but also transitions very nicely if you turn your phone into landscape mode (or use a tablet the same way).
  • As this is now a database, the upcoming and archive pages are automatically based on today’s date. They won’t lag behind anymore. Current and Next Week are working now automatically as well.

The Future

I am currently working on adding some new features now that I’ve laid down this coding for the main piece of the site. I hope to eventually add a “Watchlist” feature for Patreon subscribers and in general, keep tweaking things based on feedback. If you’ve got comments/feedback, make sure to use the contact page.