July 2022

IDW July 2022 Solicitations

IDW July 2022 Solicitations

The IDW July 2022 solicitations are here! TMNT gets another IDW collection, MLP generations TPB arrives, the new Scott Snyder book Dark Spaces: Wildfire begins, and much more!

Common abbreviations

  • TP/TPB: Trade Paperback
  • SC: Softcover (like a TPB)
  • HC: Hardcover
  • FC: Full Color
  • DM: Direct Market. This refers primarily to comic book stores or online shops that order via the same means as a comic book store (primarily Diamond or Lunar). Places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble will generally NOT have these variants.
  • FOC: Final Order Cutoff – The time an order has to be submitted by the vendor. Also when you need to get your order in by at TalesofWonder for preorders.
  • RES: Resolicit – A new listing for a product that was previously solicited in PREVIEWS or New to Order, and which is being listed anew since the original Solicitation was cancelled either by the vendor or by Diamond.
  • O/A: Offered Again – This designates an item that has been previously solicited and released, but is being solicited again.



Sleeping Beauties, Vol. 2

Authors: Stephen King and Owen King
Adapted by Rio Youers
Illustrated by Alison Sampson

The official graphic novel adaptation of the horror novel by Stephen King and Owen King concludes in this haunting interpretation of the chilling, timely bestseller.

The mysterious plague known as Aurora has blanketed the world, and, to the men, all but a handful of sleep-deprived women seem trapped–cocooned–in seemingly endless slumber. In reality, their minds have been transported to a strange, utopic dream world. It’s a world where small-town sheriff Lila Norcross and the other women can build their own society. And from which they might not want to wake.

In the real world of Dooling, West Virginia, Lila’s husband, beleaguered prison psychiatrist Clint Norcross, is struggling. He’s trying to protect the woman called Eve Black from the ill-thought-out actions of increasingly desperate men. But Eve, as the only woman capable of waking up, has her own plans: a test with global consequences. A test Clint will have to pass if he ever hopes to see his wife again.

Collects Sleeping Beauties issues #6-10, by writer Rio Youers (The Forgotten Girl) and artist Alison Sampson (Winnebago Graveyard), from the novel by Stephen King (The Institute, The Stand) and Owen King (Intro to Alien Invasion).

Hardcover • FC • $19.99 • 128 pages • 7” x 10” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-847-1
Available July 26

Steve Canyon, Volume 12: 1969 – 1970

Authors: Milton Caniff

Stamp your passport for adventure, intrigue, and danger on your expedition to exotic locales with The Greatest Generation’s cartoonist-in-chief!

The landmark Steve Canyon, Volume 12 brings Milton Caniff’s picaresque novel through the end of the tumultuous 1960s and into a brand-new decade. Everyone’s favorite bird colonel travels from Alaska to Latin America and romances women from dominating millionaire Copper Calhoon to… Poteet’s old friend, Bitsy Beekman? Things are not always as they seem, but the course of love finally runs true on April 24, 1970.

The Rembrandt of the Comic Strips also does a serious turn, once again tackling the issue of addiction, more than eighteen months before President Nixon declared a “War on Drugs.” Meanwhile, Poteet Canyon covers the Powder Puff Derby as Bitsy enters the race, vying to become the champion woman pilot of 1969! On land or thousands of feet in the air, the action never stops in Steve Canyon, Volume 12!

The Greatest Generation’s cartoonist-in-chief, Milton Caniff, continues to appeal to two disparate groups–comics aficionados as well as active military and veterans. The Air Force created an official record for Steve Canyon, the only time a fictional character was so honored.

Hardcover • FC • $49.99 • 296 pages • 11” x 8 1/2” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-897-6
Available in September

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The IDW Collection, Volume 14

Sophie Campbell, Ronda Pattison, Brahm Revel (w) • Nelson Daniel, Jodi Nishijima (a)

Presenting the complete TMNT stories in recommended reading order, including one-shots, crossovers, and event series. Everything a beginner could need, everything a diehard could want.

Welcome to the new world of TMNT! After the cataclysmic events of “City At War,” the Turtles find New York City drastically changed–new factions and enemies are on the rise, and allies are in short supply.

Jennika, the newest member of the TMNT team, embarks on her own adventure. Trying to acclimate to life as a mutant, she will be forced to come to terms with both her troubled past and conflicted present. In search of a dangerous procedure to reverse mutation, will Jennika be tempted by the call of her old life, and how far will she go to save those who gave up on her long ago?

Back on the streets, the mutagen bomb’s fallout continues to affect NYC in increasingly disturbing ways. As the government struggles to come to grips with a growing humanitarian crisis, mutants start to go missing. The TMNT trace the clues to the waterfront and find something terrifying that is now living in the depths! Meanwhile, a falling out between Baxter and April could have dire consequences for Mutant Town, where life has changed forever.

Collects Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #101–112, the 2020 Annual, and the Jennika three-issue mini-series.

Hardcover • FC • $59.99 • 384 pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-860-0
Available in July

Trade Paperbacks

The Bend of Luck (Top Shelf Productions)

Peter Hoey (w) • Maria Hoey (a)

Some guys have all the luck… but not all luck is good. The award-winning duo behind Coin-Op Comics return with a mind-bending tale of fortune and family.

Imagine a world where Luck, the most ephemeral of ideas, has a physical form. Precious stones of luck, mined like gold, are worn as bringers of fortune. But luck breaks both ways. While the blue gems may grant advantage to those who wear them, their blessing is fickle and unpredictable. In the blink of an eye, good luck can turn to bad. We follow the life of a man who comes into possession of some powerful stones — but the success enjoyed by the father goes awry when he tries to pass this luck onto his son. In alternating scenes between the two generations, The Bend of Luck follows felicity’s course, like an arrow, through a family’s destiny.

Trade Paperback • FC • $19.99 • 184 pages • 8 1/2” x 8 1/2” • ISBN: 978-1-60309-509-9
Available in August

Transformers: Shattered Glass

Danny Lore (w) • Guido Guidi (a)

SHATTERED GLASS. A dark reflection of the Transformers universe, where the heroes you once knew are now monstrously evil…

Megatron and the heroic Decepticons battle the evil forces of the Autobots in a twisted tale by Danny Lore and Guido Guidi that’s more than meets the eye!

Many kilocycles after the Cybertronian War destroyed Earth, tyrannical Autobots dominate their homeworld, and the freedom-fighting Decepticons struggle to survive. Blurr, an Autobot bodyscrapper, seeks his next bounty: Starscream, who is carrying valuable information that could reignite the war! Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Megatron weighs the choice of whether to continue fighting, at the risk of losing what little they have left. And when Megatron and Starscream find themselves in the sights of a twisted Autobot warlord and his top lieutenant, the world will be left in shards!

Trade Paperback • FC • $17.99 • 120 pages • 6” x 8 1/2” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-902-7
Available in July

Dungeons & Dragons: Mindbreaker

Jim Zub (w) • Eduardo Mello (a) Max Dunbar (ca)

Some of D&D’s most popular villains have invaded the Forgotten Realms, and readers and beloved characters alike will find their very sanity at risk!

Back home at last, the Baldur’s Gate heroes are hoping for a warm welcome, but this isn’t the city they left behind! Insidious forces are at work, compromising their loved ones and penetrating the highest halls of power. No one can be trusted!

With so much in jeopardy, Minsc, Boo, Krydle, and the others find themselves pulled in different directions, but their only hope is to rely on each other.

Fan-favorite D&D writer Jim Zub (Avengers) returns for a mindbending new adventure with artist Eduardo Mello (The Blackening).

Collects the complete five-issue series.

TPB • FC • $17.99 • 120 pages • 6.5” x 10” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-888-4
Available in July

Gil Kane’s The Amazing Spider-Man Artisan Edition

Illustrated by Gil Kane

This must-have volume features some of the most historically important stories ever produced with Marvel’s famed wall-crawler, all meticulously scanned from the original artwork!

Gil Kane’s The Amazing Spider-Man Artisan Edition presents each page in what appears to be black and white, but has actually been scanned in color. Readers view the art in its most natural form—blue pencils, ink gradients, and editorial notations all clearly visible—so they can (ahem) marvel at all the little nuances that make original art unique.

This volume contains the infamous three-part drug story that was not approved by the Comics Code Authority (Amazing Spider-Man #96–98). The second three-part story features the legendary six-armed Spider-Man saga (Amazing Spider-Man #100–102). Additionally, one of the most famous—and most shocking—Spidey tales is included: the death of Gwen Stacey! (Amazing Spider-Man #121). You can’t get a better line-up of Spider-Man stories than this!

Gil Kane is regarded as one of the finest comic artists in the history of the medium. His dynamic sequential storytelling abilities, coupled with impeccable draftsmanship, make him a true artist’s artist—as this book will attest!

TPB • FC • $39.99 • 216 pages • 8” x 12” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-920-1
Available in July

My Little Pony: Generations

Casey Gilly (w) • Michela Cacciatore (a)

Generations old and new come together to save all of pony-dom in this adventure that features the G1 and Friendship is Magic ponies!

A long time ago, an evil witch named Hydia sought to destroy pony-kind. Now her granddaughters, Grackle and Dyre, are back to finish the job!

With the School of Friendship overloaded with students, Starlight Glimmer and the Mane Six reach out for help. Enter: Violet Shiver, Shadow Storm, and Black Belle! But these ponies aren’t quite what they seem; in fact, they’re working for Grackle and Dyre! With their sights set on revenge and a brand-new Smooze on hand, the young witches and their dastardly creations are ready to cause some mayhem…

Can their plan work? Will friendship begin to fall apart as Grackle and Dyre wreak havoc in Ponyville?

TPB • FC • $17.99 • 120 pages • 7” x 10” • ISBN: 978-1-68405-794-8
Available in August

Single Issues

Canto: Tales of the Unnamed World #2—Cover A: Drew Zucker

David M. Booher (w) • Drew Zucker, Shawn Daley (a) • Drew Zucker (c)

Canto, his fellow knights, and their trusty Malorex grow fretful as the mysterious and foreboding Bard continues to detain them, requiring a tale never before heard in order to earn passage. As they try to buy time, Canto digs deep to solve the Bard’s riddle, and uncover the true nature of this threatening creature, in order to return home safely from their quest.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1—Cover A: Hayden Sherman

Scott Snyder (w) • Hayden Sherman (a) • Hayden Sherman (c)

Legendary writer Scott Snyder presents DARK SPACES, a thrilling new anthology series exploring our deepest fears of the unknown, beginning in the smoldering hills of California in DARK SPACES: WILDFIRE!

Six weeks into the slow burn of the historic Arroyo Fire, a crew of women from an inmate firefighting program are risking everything on the frontlines when their newest recruit—a white-collar convict with a deep network of shady dealers—discovers they’re mere miles from her crooked former associate’s mansion. When she proposes a plan to abandon their duties and hunt for riches under cover of smoke and ash, the team must decide if they’re ready to jeopardize their one sure path back to normalcy for a shot at a score that would change their lives… But is this a flicker of fortune or a deadly trap? Scott Snyder and breakout artist Hayden Sherman craft an unforgettable heist for a new age in DARK SPACES: WILDFIRE.

FC • 36 pages • $3.99

Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1—Cover B: Sorrentino
Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1—Cover C: Kangas
Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1—Cover D: Lotay
Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1—Cover E: Sketch cover

Dungeons & Dragons Annual 2022—Cover A: Max Dunbar

Jim Zub (w) • Eduardo Mello (a) • Max Dunbar (c)

The Witchlight Carnival is a traveling circus filled with wild wonders aplenty, but its sensory splendors bring deep danger as well… Fan-favorite D&D writer Jim Zub explores the Feywild realm in this special self-contained issue that’s perfect for new readers and gaming fans alike! Dungeons & Dragons has never been bigger, and The Wild Beyond the Witchlight adventure sourcebook that inspires this issue has been a sales smash hit. This issue includes a brand-new magic item for gaming fans to use in their own tabletop adventures!

FC • 48 pages • $7.99

Dungeons & Dragons Annual 2022—Cover B: Eduardo Mello
Dungeons & Dragons Annual 2022—RI Cover: Mateus Santolouco

Dungeons & Dragons: Ravenloft—Orphan of Agony Isle #2—Cover A: Bayleigh Underwood

Casey Gilly, Ryan Cady (w) • Bayleigh Underwood, Vincenzo Riccardi (a) • Bayleigh Underwood (c)

Miranda’s curiosity intensifies the longer she stays at Schloss Mordenheim, growing more troubled at who she used to be. As Dr. Viktra Mordenheim continues her experiments on Miranda, she herself begins to question her own stability, knowing her nemesis, Elise, could be inching ever closer.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Dungeons & Dragons: Ravenloft—Orphan of Agony Isle #2—Cover B: Corin Howell
Dungeons & Dragons: Ravenloft—Orphan of Agony Isle #2—RI Cover: TBD (15 copy incv.)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #295

Larry Hama (w) • SL Gallant (a) • Freddie Williams II (c)

HIGH STAKES Part 5! The next great G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero event continues here!

As Cobra remains busy establishing its corrupt casino operations on Cobra Island, the warriors of G.I. Joe are equally busy attempting to covertly infiltrate their arch-enemy’s latest evil scheme. New and classic heroes and villains will fill the pages (including some shocking appearances!) as the fan-favorite creative team of Living Legend Larry Hama and SL Gallant continue their daring march to issue #300 here! Featuring the fifth of five interconnected covers (Cover A) by superstar artist Freddie Williams II!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #295—Cover B: SL Gallant
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #295—RI Cover: Freddie Williams II (10 copy incv.)

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #296

Larry Hama (w) • SL Gallant (a) • SL Gallant (c)

The final G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero story arc at IDW Publishing starts here!

Using a brand-new casino on Cobra Island as a front, Cobra has been busy behind the scenes resurrecting dangerous villains and heroes alike, all in the hope of creating the deadliest Cobra army ever! It’ll be up to the warriors of G.I. Joe to foil their archenemy’s evil machinations before it’s too late. The game for the fate of world is barreling to a calamitous conclusion, and it’s time for every single player to go…ALL-IN! New and classic heroes and villains will fill the pages (including some shocking appearances!) as the fan-favorite creative team of Living Legend Larry Hama and SL Gallant begin the final treacherous march to issue #300!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #296—Cover B: Jamie Sullivan
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #296—RI Cover: John Royle (10 copy incv.)

Godzilla Rivals: Godzilla VS Battra

Rosie Knight (w) • Oliver Ono (a & ca)

In a quiet beachside town ravaged by constant sewage spillages and toxic waste dumps, something is stirring. Deep under the rolling hills that surround Hackney-on-Sea, Battra is awakening, driven by a single goal: to destroy mankind and save planet Earth. The only thing that can stop the monster is Godzilla, but he hasn’t been seen in decades and has never ventured to the cold shores of the English coast…until now.

Robbie runs a small bookshop, but her real passion is monsters. She’s spent years researching the myth of Godzilla and his fearsome foes, and now that hypothetical experience is about to become a life-saving tool. Can Robbie locate Godzilla? Will Godzilla alone be enough to defeat Battra? Is Battra really wrong? And will the goddess Mothra make an appearance? All will be revealed in Godzilla Vs. Battra.

FC • 52 pages • $7.99

Godzilla Rivals: Godzilla VS Battra—Cover B: Mark Martinez
Godzilla Rivals: Godzilla VS Battra—RI Cover: 10 copy incentive

Godzilla vs The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5

Cullen Bunn (w) • Freddie Williams II (a & ca)

Godzilla and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have faced a host of terrible foes. Now, though, they face their greatest challenge—the mighty King Ghidorah! Can the “teenagers with attitude” and the King of the Monsters put aside their differences long enough to survive an attack from the three-headed tyrant? Find out in the bombastic conclusion to the most colossal crossover event of the year!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Godzilla vs The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5—Cover B: Fatima Wajid
Godzilla vs The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5—RI Cover: Freddie Williams II (10 copy incentive)

My Little Pony #3

Robin Easter (w & a & ca)

With Discord on the loose, Izzy, Sunny, and Pipp hunker down to look for clues! And Detective Zipp is on the case, too, right? Well…not when Queen Haven is away at a royal conference and needs a babysitter for her beloved Cloudpuff. But Zipp ends up pulling double duty when Cloudpuff goes missing, too! Enlisting Hitch and his critter-whispering prowess, Zipp and Hitch set out to find Cloudpuff before Queen Haven returns. And hopefully dig up a clue or two on Discord while they’re at it.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

My Little Pony #3—Cover B: JustaSuta
My Little Pony #3—RI Cover: Robin Easter (10 copy incentive)

Sonic The Hedgehog #51

Ian Flynn (w) • Adam Bryce Thomas (a) • Aaron Hammerstrom (ca)

After fighting for their lives in issue #50, both the heroes and bad guys need some time to heal and regroup…except Dr. Eggman, of course, who is always ready to destroy that darn hedgehog. Can Sonic, Tails, and Belle escape the city, or will Eggman finally bumble his way to victory?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Sonic The Hedgehog #51 —Cover B: Eric Lide
Sonic The Hedgehog #51 —RI Cover: Nathalie Fourdraine (10 copy incentive)

Star Trek: The Mirror War #7

David Tipton, Scott Tipton (w) • Gavin Smith (a) • JK Woodward (ca)

As Captain Picard’s mighty armada prepares to strike a final blow on the unrelenting Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, unease grows among the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise as the captain’s zeal approaches bloodthirst…

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Star Trek: The Mirror War #7 —Cover B: Amanda Madriaga
Star Trek: The Mirror War #7 —RI Cover: Mark Alvarado (10 copy incentive)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #131

Sophie Campbell (w) • Pablo Tunica (a & ca)

In the wake of the events of TMNT: The Armageddon Game—Opening Moves, Oroku Saki (the Shredder) has fully revealed himself to the Turtles. In order to counter the newest evil machinations of the Pantheon’s trickster god, the Rat King, he seeks an alliance with the sons of his former archenemy, the late Master Splinter. But are the Turtles prepared to join forces with their merciless executioner from a past life? And is the Shredder truly ready to be redeemed? No matter the case, the Armageddon Game is fast approaching, and the only place to find the answers to these burning questions is in…Northampton!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #131 —Cover B: Kevin Eastman
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #131 —RI Cover: Roi Mercado (10 copy incentive)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Armageddon Game—Opening Moves #2

Tom Waltz (w) • Faro Pe (a & ca)

The Rat King has been plotting behind the scenes of NYC and Mutant Town with his newly recruited trio of terror—LeatherKrang, Madame Null, and Baxter Stockman. As a result, his witch sister, Kitsune, and the Shredder have undertaken a desperate metaphysical journey seeking past weaknesses in order to counter the trickster god’s latest deadly gambit. Now, with Krang out of the way, Shredder and Kitsune turn their attention to Madame Null and Baxter Stockman. But will the answers they seek be even more dangerous than the arcane quest to find them? As it was in the shocking first issue, enemies become allies and exciting new characters are debuted as longtime TMNT scribe Tom Waltz returns to the pages of IDW’s ongoing series, alongside brilliant artist Fero Peniche, in this official prequel to the massive TMNT event of 2022…the Armageddon Game!

FC • 48 pages • $5.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Armageddon Game—Opening Moves #2 —RI Cover: Kevin Eastman (10 copy incentive)

The Kill Lock: The Artisan Wraith #5

Livio Ramondelli (w & a & ca)

The Artisan Wraith has set his sights on the homeworld, intent on bringing down the mysterious ruling class, the Forgers. The Resolve, the Lurk, and the entire Wraith Legion are also on their way, but what surprises does the homeworld have in store?

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

The Rocketeer: The Great Race #4

Stephen Mooney (w & a) • Gabriel Rodriguez (ca)

This is it: the Rocketeer versus the Iron Baron in a race to the death for the ultimate prize! Betrayal and danger abound, relationships crumble, and new allies are revealed! Who will emerge the final victor of The Great Race?

FC • 36 pages • $4.99

The Rocketeer: The Great Race #4 —Cover B: Stephen Mooney
The Rocketeer: The Great Race #4 —RI Cover: Gabriel Rodriguez (10 copy incentive)

Transformers: Best of the Beasts

Various (w & a) • James Biggie (ca)

Maximize or terrorize?! Either way, things are going to get epic in this collection of the best of the Maximals, Predacons, and characters from the world of Beast Wars! Featuring classic characters like Optimus Primal, Megatron, Cheetor, Blackarachnia, Airazor, Tigatron, and Dinobot in clashes for the ages!

Collects Transformers: Windblade (Vol. 2) #6, Transformers: Beast Wars #9, Beast Wars: The Gathering #4, and more exciting stories, including some rarely and never-before reprinted hits!

FC • 100 pages • $6.99

Transformers: Best of the Rarities

Various (w & a) • James Biggie (ca)

A must-read for Transformers fans! Curated by James Roberts (Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye), Best of the Rarities includes some of the greatest hard-to-find Transformers stories from the series’ almost 40-year and over 1,500-issue history! This collection includes never-before-reprinted material from the U.S. and the UK!

FC • 100 pages • $6.99

Transformers: Last Bot Standing #3

Nick Roche (w & ca) • E.J. Su(a)

The Last Bot Standing has finally come face-to-face with the Visitors. Neither can believe the other still exists. But the Visitors are gracious, in their way. They want to help the last Cybertronian…but he knows what the Visitors are, he knows what they do, he knows what they bring, and he’s not going down without a fight!

FC • 48 pages • $5.99

Transformers: Last Bot Standing #3—Cover B: John Allison
Transformers: Last Bot Standing #3—Cover C: Evan Gauntt
Transformers: Last Bot Standing #3—Cover D: Mina Won
Transformers: Last Bot Standing #3—RI Cover: E.J. Su (10 copy incentive)

Usagi Yojimbo #29

Stan Sakai (w & a & ca)

The Secret of the Green Dragon, Part 1 (of 3). Usagi and Yukichi are obligated to deliver a priceless jade dragon to Merchant Awase. They witness a runner delivering a parcel of jewels to the same merchant killed on the road ahead. However, the killers left the jewels and escaped with the container. They come to the realization that the box they carry may be even more valuable than the jade within.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Usagi Yojimbo #29—RI Cover: Cullum (10 copy incv.)