October 2022

Boom Studios October 2022 Solicitations

Boom Studios October 2022 Solicitations

The Boom Studios October 2022 solicitations are here! Magic and The Killer get hardcovers, The Approach and Eve Children of the Moon start, Power Rangers titles continue, and much more!

Common abbreviations

  • TP/TPB: Trade Paperback
  • SC: Softcover (like a TPB)
  • HC: Hardcover
  • FC: Full Color
  • DM: Direct Market. This refers primarily to comic book stores or online shops that order via the same means as a comic book store (primarily Diamond or Lunar). Places like Amazon or Barnes and Noble will generally NOT have these variants.
  • FOC: Final Order Cutoff – The time an order has to be submitted by the vendor. Also when you need to get your order in by at TalesofWonder for preorders.
  • RES: Resolicit – A new listing for a product that was previously solicited in PREVIEWS or New to Order, and which is being listed anew since the original Solicitation was cancelled either by the vendor or by Diamond.
  • O/A: Offered Again – This designates an item that has been previously solicited and released, but is being solicited again.



Magic Vol. 3 HC

Retail Price: $24.99
Writer: Jed MacKay
Artist: Ig Guara and Jacques Salomon
Cover Artist: Miguel Mercado

After paying the ultimate price to defeat Marit Lage, Ral Zarek, Kaya, and Vraska return to Ravnica… and
the plane closes behind them!

Now a new trio of Planeswalkers: Chandra Nalaar, Garruk Wildspeaker, and the athlete Niko Aris, a
newcomer to planeswalking—must find their way back!

But even as they gain foes and friends in new corners of the Multiverse, things are worse than anyone could imagine…as they uncover the plot of an old enemy to manipulate aether on a scale never seen before! With the population of Ravnica turned against them, will their combined abilities be enough to save their friends and stop Tezzeret’s apocalyptic scheme?

Discover the next volume of Magic, from acclaimed writer Jed MacKay (Marvel’s Black Cat) and artists Ig
Guara (Marvel’s Ghost Spider) and Jacques Salomon (Master of Metal).

Collects Magic #11-15.

Killer, The: Affairs of the State HC

Retail Price: $24.99
Writer: Matz
Artist: Luc Jacamon
Cover Artist: Luc Jacamon

Caught and put to work as an on-call assassin for the French government, the Killer has to adjust to
working with a handler, Barbara; his new partner Nicolas, a former special forces operative; and life as a

A network of city-wide corruption awaits, getting Killer even more involved in the midst of an escalating
crisis. But as feelings for a coworker arise in his day job, will he be dangerously distracted, torn between
two identities?

The Eisner Award-nominated series starring everyone’s favorite nameless assassin by artist Luc Jacamon
and writer Matz (The Black Dahlia) makes its long awaited return!

Collects The Killer: Affairs of the State #1-6.

Trade Paperbacks

Power Rangers Vol. 5 SC

Retail Price: $16.99
Writer: Ryan Parrott
Artist: Marco Renna
Cover Artist: Gerald Parel

With the Empyreals defeated and Earth saved, the Omega Rangers must forge a new path for themselves.

Massive galaxies, countless planets, and a call for champions inspires the Omegas to make a bold
proclamation – they’ll go wherever they are needed and be heroes for all!

But protecting everyone means Safehaven is left unguarded, and when an ancient containment canister is stolen, it may spell doom for the Omega Rangers…

Superstar writer Ryan Parrott (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and fan
favorite artist Marco Renna (Mighty Morphin) forge a bold new path for the Omega Rangers in the wake of the Eltarian War.

Collects Power Rangers #17-20.

Firefly: Blue Sun Rising Vol. 2 SC (Book 7)

Retail Price: $14.99
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Dan McDaid, Vincenzo Federici, Lalit Kumar Sharma & Daniel Bayliss
Cover Artist: Nimit Malavia

The stage is set for the final battle as the first ever Firefly event concludes! Sheriff Mal Reynolds—yeah,
he’s still getting used to it too—makes a choice that may cost him those he loves most, whether he knows it or not.

Shocking losses lead to stunning decisions as Mal and the crew of the Serenity must face the consequences of their choices in the war against the Blue Sun Corporation.

The ‘Verse is changing in ways no one ever expected, as a new chapter of Firefly begins!

Collects Firefly #23-24, Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #1.

House of Slaughter Vol. 2 SC

Retail Price: $14.99 US
Writer: James Tynion IV & Sam Johns
Artist: Letizia Cadonici & Werther Dell’Edera
Cover Artist: Rafael Albuquerque

What secrets do the mysterious scribes of the Order of St. George, the Scarlet Masks, record within the
shadows of the House of Slaughter?

Enamored with stories of ancient hunters, as well as those in his midst, Edwin Slaughter only gets to write
the stories… never live them. That is, until a legendary monster that’s taken the lives of countless children
brings Edwin into the field.

Will he live to survive long enough to document his experience, or perish with his story left untold?

Delve deeper still into the world of Something is Killing the Children in the second volume of the
bestselling series written by co-creator and award-winning author James Tynion IV (The Department Of
Truth, The Nice House On The Lake) and co-writer Sam Johns (Punchline) alongside rising star artist
Latizia Cadonici and co-creator Werther Dell’Edera (Razorblades).

Collects House of Slaughter #6-10.

Once & Future Vol. 5 SC

Retail Price: $16.99
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Dan Mora
Cover Artist: Dan Mora

When Excalibur appears outside London on Christmas Eve, all the kings rush to claim it while our heroes
defend the sword. But with Leir set free, chaos is the only thing that reigns!

With Rose and Duncan in mortal peril and everything at stake, can journeys to hell, the Otherworld, and
beyond finally set things right?

New York Times Bestselling writer Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Star Wars), artist Russ
Manning Award-Winning artist Dan Mora (Klaus), and colorist Tamra Bonvillain (The Red Mother) bring
their fan favorite, critically acclaimed series to its stunning conclusion!

Collects Once & Future #25-30.

Grim Vol. 1 SC Discover Now Edition

Retail Price: $14.99
Writer: Stephanie Phillips
Artist: Jenny Frison
Cover Artist: Flaviano

Jessica Harrow is dead. But her journey has only just begun!

Discover the world of the afterlife, where Jessica has been recruited as a Reaper, tasked with ferrying
countless souls to their final destination.

But unlike the rest of the Reapers, she has no memory of her own death. In order to unravel this mystery,
she’ll have to solve an even bigger one – where is the real Grim Reaper?

From acclaimed writer Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn) and fan-favorite artist Flaviano (New Mutants)
comes a bold new vision of what comes after, and the nature of death itself!

Collects Grim #1-5.

Complete The Killer SC 2nd Edition

Retail Price: $49.99
Writer: Matz
Artist: Luc Jacamon
Cover Artist: Scott Newman

A professional. A man of few scruples, nerves of steel, and a steady trigger finger. But also, a man on the
verge of cracking.

After misadventures in Central and South America and having earned him enough money to retire
comfortably, the Killer retires to Mexico, but his colleagues are still in need of his irreplaceable skills . . .
and before long he’s drawn back into the great geopolitical game between Cuba, Venezuela, and the United

Artist Luc Jacamon and writer Matz (The Black Dahlia) deliver the definitive collection of the Eisner
Award-nominated crime saga, The Killer, a hardboiled, noir series that New York Times bestselling writer
Brian Michael Bendis calls “one of the best graphic novel series of the last ten years.”

Single Issues

Approach, The #1

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Jeremy Haun & Jason A. Hurley
Artist: Jesús Hervás
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Jeremy Haun
Black Variant Cover: Francesco Francavilla
Homage Incentive Cover (1:25): Megan Hutchison-Cates
Incentive Cover (1:50): Björn Barends
Red Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Francesco Francavilla

In this turbulent new horror mini-series from writers Jeremy Haun (The Red Mother) & Jason A. Hurley
(The Beauty) and artist Jesús Hervás (The Empty Man), a storm is coming that’s bringing more than bad

When airport employees Mac and Abigail find themselves snowed in after a blizzard, they witness a
terrible plane crash.

After pulling a survivor from the wreckage, they realize a terrifying truth: this plane has been missing for
27 years!

The nightmare has only just begun though, as the people trapped in the airport soon find themselves
confronted by what this plane actually brought back….

For those with a fear of flying… it’s not the sky that deserves dread, but what lies beyond it…

Eve: Children of the Moon #1

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Victor LaValle
Artist: Jo Mi-Gyeong
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Ario Anindito
Variant Cover: Jahnoy Lindsay
Incentive Cover (1:10): Jahnoy Lindsay
Incentive Cover (1:25): Miguel Mercado
Incentive Cover (1:50): Mike Del Mundo
Unlockable Variant: Ario Anindito

The long-awaited return of the best-selling sci-fi adventure is finally here!

Eve seemingly saved the world once already, embarking on a perilous quest to protect what remained of
humanity after a deadly virus outbreak… but the story doesn’t end there!

Eve, Eve’s sister, and Wexler face new challenges, and a darkness from the past, in this exciting sequel
series from award-winning author and lauded professor Victor LaValle (Sabretooth, Destroyer) and
returning Eve artist Jo Mi-Gyeong (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance).

Perfect for fans of Little Monsters and What’s The Furthest Place From Here, Eve: Children of the Moon
continues to ask–what kind of world are we leaving for our children?

Damn Them All #1

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Charlie Adlard
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Charlie Adlard
Variant Cover: DANI
Foil Cover: Charlie Adlard
Foil Cover: DANI
Incentive Cover (1:25): Christian Ward
Silver Foil Stamp Incentive Cover (1:50): Charlie Adlard
Incentive Cover (1:100): Sean Phillips
Gold Foil Stamp Incentive Cover (1:250): Charlie Adlard
Unlockable Cover (1 copy): DANI
B!G Cover: InHyuk Lee

In this new dark supernatural thriller for fans of We Have Demons and Something is Killing the Children,
meet Ellie “Bloody El” Hawthorne: occultist-for-hire.

Following the death of Ellie’s uncle, an infamous magician and occult detective, the 72 devils of the Ars
Goetia are mysteriously freed from their infernal realm.

It’s now up to Ellie to track down each of these exiled demons and damn them right back to Hell by any
means necessary… holy water, conjuration, or just her trusty, rusty claw hammer.

Legendary The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard teams up with Step By Bloody Step scribe Simon
Spurrier to introduce your favorite new occult antihero since John Constantine!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Melissa Flores
Artist: Simona Di Gianfelice
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Mateus Manhanini
Variant Cover: Francesco Tomaselli
Action Figure Incentive Cover (1:10): Bon Bernardo
Incentive Cover (1:25): Francesco Tomaselli
Incentive Cover (1:50): David Mack
Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Mateus Manhanini
B!G Cover: Dani Pendergast

The CHARGE TO 100 brought everything together in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #100, now discover
the bold new future for the bestselling franchise!

Writer Melissa Flores (Power Rangers, The Dead Lucky) and artist Simona Di Gianfelice (All-New Firefly)
reunite all of your favorite Rangers, recharged and ready for a bold new direction for your favorite
Teenagers With Attitude that begins right here!

Magic #19

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Jed MacKay
Artist: Ig Guara
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Miguel Mercado
Secret Planeswalker Cover: Mel Milton
Incentive Cover (1:10): Junggeun Yoon

Chandra, Garruk, and Niko have finally made it to Ravnica, but Tezzeret was more than ready for them…

If they want to succeed in freeing Ral, Kaya, and Vraska from their sadistic prisons…they’ll have to face a
challenge that no one could have predicted, and a final showdown with the Master of Metal himself!

Magic fans won’t want to miss the beginning of this epic two-part finale, and the start of a new mystery
that will put the… fate of the entire multiverse at stake!

All-New Firefly #9

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: David M. Booher
Artist: Simona Di Gianfelice
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Mona Finden
Variant Cover: Jim Towe
Incentive Cover (1:15): Caitlin Yarsky

Jayne drifts in space, isolated but kept company by memories of his mother, the debris of the mercenaries’ ship, and the terrible guilt he feels over the recent tragedy.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew are met with a surprise as they answer a distress call from Requiem,
leading Mal to discover where the relics really came from…

Vampire Slayer, The #7

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: Sarah Gailey
Artist: Claudia Balboni
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Ario Anindito
Variant Cover: Junggeun Yoon
Incentive Cover (1:10): Ario Anindito
Incentive Cover (1:25) 25 Years of Buffy Variant: Stephanie Pepper
Incentive Cover (1:50): Stephanie Pepper

How does Buffy go on with her memory in shambles–without her purpose?

It keeps her up at night, the powerlessness and the jealousy… but she’s soon thrust into a monstrous battle nonetheless as a dark creature with an appetite for Slayers still thinks Buffy is the real thing!

Will Willow be able to help in time, or will Buffy find herself alone and in the clutches of a terrifying evil?

House of Slaughter Pack #1

Retail Price: $39.99
Writer: James Tynion & Tate Brombal
Artist: Chris Shehan & Werther Dell’Edera
Cover Artist:Well-Bee

House of Slaughter gets the Slaughter Pack treatment readers know and love from Something is Killing the Children!

Collecting the entire first arc, “The Butcher’s Mark,” discover the tragic origins of Aaron Slaughter, as well
as the sinister inner workings of the organization that molded Erica into the monster hunter she is today.

Featuring a stunning new cover for each issue by artist Well-Bee (Nita Hawkes’ Nightmare Blog, Marvels

House of Slaughter #10

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: James Tynion IV & Sam Johns
Artist: Letizia Cadonici & Werther Dell’Edera
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Rafael Albuquerque
Variant Cover: Werther Dell’Edera
Bodybag Variant Cover: James Harren
Incentive Cover (1:25): Werther Dell’Edera
Incentive Cover (1:50): Andre Lima Araujo
Incentive Cover (1:75): James Harren
Incentive Cover (1:100): Max Fiumara

After journeying through a watery hell, Edwin finally returns home to the House of Slaughter, but his
problems might be just beginning…

New horrors loom in the next chapter of the epic adventure from the world of Something is Killing the

Once & Future #30

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Dan Mora
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Dan Mora
Incentive Cover (1:10): Dan Mora
Incentive Cover (1:25): InHyuk Lee

The war of crowns is at an end and Bridgette and Duncan must face the future of England together.

Will their family’s legacy finally come to a happy end? Or is the final page of this story still yet to be seen?

Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora’s epic tale of ancient secrets and legendary battles finally concludes in an
immortal story sure to leave readers shaken!

Briar #2

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Christopher Cantwell
Artist: Germán García
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Germán García
Variant Cover: Yanick Paquette
Variant Cover: Frany
Incentive Cover (1:10): Yanick Paquette
Incentive Cover (1:25): Frany
Incentive Cover (1:50): Tiffany Turrill
Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Germán García

The end of the world is nigh, now that the sleeper has become the sleepwalker!

But what is Briar Rose to do about it, now that no one believes in magic, and the fairytale is long over?

Her own fairy godmothers may be the key to setting things right… That is except for Grendrid, the tyrant of this wasteland… who sends a bounty hunter and a deadly group of assassins on Briar’s trail.

The only hope may lie in the marshes and their strange inhabitants, but their twisted faith in magic may not be what Briar expects…

Stuff of Nightmares #2

Retail Price: $4.99
Writer: R.L. Stine
Artist: A.L. Kaplan
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Francesco Francavilla
Variant Cover: Michael Walsh
Homage Incentive Cover (1:10): E. M. Gist
Incentive Cover (1:25): Tula Lotay
Incentive Cover (1:50): Tula Lotay
Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Francesco Francavilla

R.L. Stine’s first creator-owned single-issue comic series continues with even more disturbing horrors!

After losing everything in a fiery disaster, the Cameron Brothers, Stella, and Frankie flee to an abandoned
manor to get their hands on fresh corpses and continue their macabre experiments.

But they aren’t alone and the terror is just beginning in this ghastly tale that only the Nightmare Keeper
could tell…

Basilisk #12

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Jonas Scharf
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Jonas Scharf
Variant Cover: Ryan Sook
Incentive Cover (1:25): Ryan Sook

This is it—not only the final confrontation between Hannah and Vanessa, but the Chimera’s origins

But who will make it out alive, and more importantly, what kind of monster will they become?

Wynd: The Throne in the Sky #3

Retail Price: $5.99
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Michael Dialynas
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Michael Dialynas
Variant Cover: Eryk Donovan
Incentive Cover (1:10): Eryk Donovan
Incentive Cover (1:25): Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Michael Dialynas

A moment of rest was a moment ill spent, as General Eks arrives in full force, with murderous intent.

Even as the children and the fathers break free and flee, things seem dire, before an unexpected figure
brings help…

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #14

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Simone Di Meo
Cover Artist:
Main Cover: Simone Di Meo
Dead God Cover: Toni Infante
Incentive Cover (1:25): Raul Allen

The action of the final arc heats up with Newdawn and Thierry sleuthing their way through a dangerous spy mission, as the past threatens to catch up with them.

New revelations surface about Thierry-9’s creation and Newdawn’s motivations, all while they make a
desperate gambit in the midst of their mission!