Huge Database Update

I’ve gone through and updated ALL the DC books based on the dates from Penguin. I’ve done this because the Previews site is completely useless for providing any kind of release date data on DC books. Newer entries seem to ROUGHLY match up but the older ones are total garbage. I’ve also noted that the dates for Penguin are the same as the dates for comic shops going forward (they mentioned they might do that when they dropped Diamond). So that means Amazon is getting the stuff the same day IST does more or less for DC specifically.

Other than that…I’ve finally completed adding all the Marvel Epic and Complete editions to the database as well for what I could find currently. I’ll go hunting to see if there is some stuff that hasn’t been solicited/isn’t in Previews yet and probably add more as I go. Enjoy! That’s now part of what I’ll be tracking going forward. I am not prepared to do regular TPBs because…those are like single issues to me more or less and I don’t think anyone is actually keeping track of that stuff like they do the thicc boys. If you REALLY want it, start dropping me a line and I’ll consider it but I’m assuming no one cares.